I trained at The London School Of Audio Engineering, back in 1998 – on TAPE – 24 track 2″ magnetic tape and a magnificent Neve VR Console.

Times have changed a lot since then!

From setting up a studio in your bedroom to a full commercial recording studio facility – I can provide advice, design and guidance to help you make the most of your space, investment and workflow. Sound proofing, acoustic treatment, equipment, microphones, monitoring, software and hardware choices – I can advise and help you achieve the most from whatever budget you are working within.

I can provide expert training in Logic Pro X and Apple Mac recording systems, along with all the latest industry standard plugins. I can help you choose what you need, and teach how to best use it.

If you are a guitar player wanting to make professional sounding recordings or a drummer wanting to record great sounding drum tracks in your garage, I can save you time, money and effort. I’ve designed, built & equipped everything from home studios to full commercial recording studios that have been used by famous bands recording & mixing hit records.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch, I enjoy nothing more than chatting about audio, music and equipment – and I’m always happy to give advice for free, just for the love of it.
Hiring me as a consultant in your project (however small or large) could save you a lot of time, effort & money.